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Welcome to my Web site on web design and build!

After spending some time building my own web sites for a personal venture, which the incorporated the home I have in France I have identified a niche in the market which allows entrepreneurs to firstly expand the information that is available to their customer base. By purchasing a Domain name and web space each business has the ability to maximise the information that prospecting customers can see about the style of work they do and the standards they do it to. "If a picture paints a thousand words". The more photographic material available the easier it is for the customers to see what is available do not worry what format it is in if it digital on a CD great, if its just photo's then it possible to scan them in and if you have nothing then you or I can resolve that if you know what you need. Unsure to what would work if there is one thing you should start to do today that is start recording the work you are doing. Before and after shoots are great the more you take between the two stages the better. And if you have only got a standard camera then when getting your photo's developed ask them to provided a CD, it could not be simpler. For more information on what is available email Andy Firkins or

Phone me on 0033 (0)6 68 72 80 23 or fax 0033 (0)2 72 68 57 98 in France 0044 (0)870 7622491 in the uk And once you have got your website up and running you can even have your own personalised email my web site is www.afms.fr so I can have emails @afms.fr by the way afms is short for Andy Firkins Maintenance Services it is some times best not to have long address name it puts people off typing it in to the title bar.

My primary web is www.afms.fr which is for a business being developed in France. This site is http://firkinwebs.afms.fr its what they call a sub domain of my main site  you can have as many sub domains as you wish within reason.



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