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Once you have picked your domain name (this one is www.firkinwebs.co.uk) this is called you primary domain, you have a few options, for me the best domain name is the one that is relevant to your business in saying that I picked www.pochoice.co.uk instead of having to type the full address in www.propertyownerschoice.www. I have registered both sites and both take you to the shortened version. My primary web is www.afms.fr which is for a business being developed in France. With each web space package this one is 500Mb you get unlimited email addresses that relate to your domain name I have used, webmaster@afms.fr andy@afms.fr  and poc@afms.fr the webmaster will be used on your site for managing the file transfer onto the web. If you need more web space or emails then the next package up gives you 50 email accounts and 100Mb of space. These emails are managed through a email package like outlook express or similar and are all password protected. Once you have decided to go ahead we will need to pick a domain name, and you will have that registered to you at your address and will need to pay at the time for it cost €60 there abouts. I have shown in the pricing structure, once the web site is live normally a couple of days the web design can be up loaded to it once that is approved by you.

Dependant on the information and pictures you all ready have will depend on cost and how long the web design will take, I can take pictures for you but if you have some history you will find it works better, which ever way it can be done with the minimal fuss.


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